Adult Studies

15 Oct 2017 | 05:30 pm

Adult Studies at Northminster
(All sessions will take place at 5:30 in Room 118 in the Adult Education Building, unless otherwise specified.)

The Other Side of Grace
If “the first side of grace” is God’s response to us — welcome, forgiveness, redemption and love; “the other side of grace”
is our response to God — worship, devotion, responsibility and action. For these autumn Sunday sessions, we will ponder some theological foundations for, and practical expressions of, “the other side of grace.”

September 10, 17, 24
“The Other Side of Grace” in Scripture
Led by Chuck Poole

October 1
“The Other Side of Grace” in Practice
Wider Net
Led by Bob Boteler, Beverly Lawrence, Chris Lloyd

October 8
“The Other Side of Grace” in Practice
Grace House
Led by Jeff Davis, Annette Hitt, Bill Lee
Led by Jill Buckley

October 15
“The Other Side of Grace” in Practice
Revitalize Mississippi
Led by Jim Johnston

International Missions
Led by David McNair, Kelley Williams, Jr.